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About Us

We will establish a dedicated Aircraft Recycling Centre in the USA


It’s easy to imagine  - the plane lands at the Airport, uses the Taxiway to our Hangar, drives into the Hangar and get stripped in all parts. We are working closely with Airport Management and Civil Aviation departments to solve the problem of long term parked aircraft. Aircraft Solutions USA Inc., at the same time, progressing the long term vision to see the United States of America as a leader in Civil Aviation Commercial Operations. Being able to provide an efficient and cost effective end-of-life solution for commercial aircrafts. Responsible airlines, fleet managers, leasing companies, and banks are now maximizing returns on their assets and investments whilst addressing their corporate responsibility towards our environment with Aircraft Solutions USA Inc..


The process of dismantling an aircraft at its end of life as an integrated airframe is referred to as parting-out. The parting-out process is undertaken in phases as useful and reusable parts are progressively removed and may include the engines, undercarriage, in-flight entertainment systems and some of the avionics.  Other useful parts are then removed, catalogued and sold to specialist parts dealers. All parts are inspected and certified as usable, repairable or unfit for service, with the appropriate documentation. Having removed all valuable components, the remaining fuselage is broken up into small pieces and processed for metal recovery.


A state-of-the-art facility with superior services cannot succeed without quality equipment that will enable us to service our clientele with reliable performance



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One of Aircraft Solution USA`s main objectives is growing a national workforce to help position USA as a global hub for the aerospace recycling industry. We provide all training requirements and programs to ensure that we build an US American workforce in this industry.

We provide a specialized aero-structured training program, helping secure jobs in the aerospace industry for US Citizen.

For this reason we use german civil engineers to train our US American employees.

Special apprenticeships will be privided under german Leadership.

Our target is to create 220 Workspace by 2020

Job Applications : jobs@aircraft-recycling.com



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